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Graphic Design and Illustration Studio


Hello, this is my first post on my new Graphic Design and Illustration website. Thanks for reading it! I appreciate a lot your time to visit my website, I hope you can find my blog interesting. I will try to make it the most interesting I can and the more valuable for you and your business if you are an entrepreneur like I am.

Well, right now the website is a bit empty. But that’s going to change fast. I will be uploading new jobs on my portfolio soon. Right now you can see some of them on every category (Illustration, Graphic and Web Design, Branding, etc) but there will be much more soon. Just hold tight! More juicy stuff will be coming soon!

Probably you are asking yourself what will you find in this blog and website? Well, I will be posting here some of my art, sketches and behind the scenes work so you can see my process and maybe you can help me improve it with your comments.  🙂

I will be also posting about graphic design. Some of you maybe know me for my work on the comics underground scene and some others know me for my work as a graphic designer and web designer. Well, I want to join both worlds in one blog/website.

So, you will see here posts about illustrations I am working on, tips about Graphic Design and even Pre-press and how to avoid common pitfalls before sending your design to print. Tutorials about anything related with Graphic Design and Illustration, and the next step will be to create a YouTube channel with tutorials all about being creative.

If you are more interested in receiving information about all this topic you can subscribe to my blog or newsletters and I will be sending you information about my blog posts and also offers I will be doing with special prices for our loyal customers, you can be one of them!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you around here, visiting my humble website.


Daniel Puch
CEO moWse Design and Illustration