Poster Design for

Poster Design for

This is a poster that I created for the website is the fan website of the most important and biggest soccer team from Uruguay, the “Club Nacional de Football”. The idea was to do a poster inspired by the cover of Joy Division, and an Illustration of Spiderman done by the graphic artist Butcher Willy. This design who was going around on the “intertubes” for quite some time. This is the actual poster inspiration.

Touching at a Distance

So I always like to illustrate this kind of work digitally, firing up my favorite comic making application, that is Clip Studio Paint. I began doing some quick sketches to get the feeling of the new design. And this is what I came up with. We kept the elements on similar places but we changed the idea a bit, we wanted to give it in the background the idea of a big soccer crowd at the stadium. And instead of spiderman we will draw one of the soccer players of the team in this case we choose Diego Polenta, actual player of the Club Nacional from Uruguay. In this first sketch I added the image of the stadium and I was going to add the crowd after that, and you can see the sky too.

Sketch Poster Polenta

Immediately after that I added some colors just to get a better idea of the final result.

Poster Polenta Color Test

We interchanged ideas with Alejandro, one of the founders of website and with the help of Cecilia we decided to change the background with an image of the team supporters in the back, instead of the image of the stadium like I did in the sketch. So this was a first test.
I vectored an image in illustrator and I added to the background. The background color is to give the idea of an old poster, like a kind of cream color to simulate an old paper, and the blue is the color of the team but darker, to give more contrast and depth. Nacional has 3 colors on its flag, red, white and blue. Here is what we came up first.

Poster Nacional Rampla

Then after sending it to Alejandro we thought that the color were not really the traditional colors of the club, so we tried something with “cleaner” colors. I also felt that the background was needing some elements from the soccer field, so I added a texture of grass on the background. And this was the result of the second version.

Poster Second Version

Finally we decided to go with the first design, it was closer to the original idea that we wanted to do. Anyway this time we come up with the idea really fast, so I needed to make the design really fast. I wanted to add more shadows to the soccer player and lights to give it more depth on the illustration. But there was not more time, we needed it for today because the poster is for today’s match (October 8, 2016 at the time of this post). But I really want to make a version with more detail. I will keep you informed on future posts! The next match we will do an honor to another famous rock band, so stay tuned!!!

Thanks for reading this blog, post your comments and let me know what you think!

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