Curly Girl gets Drawn!

This is one of the illustrations I was doing lately. Sometimes for practice I just draw any picture I found on the internet.

So this time I went to Reddit to the thread called /r/redditsgetdrawn to look for people interesting to draw, so I was lucky to find the awesome Annette Kemp. She is a model, an actress and she has an instagram very interesting about Haircare and Makeup. If anyone want to follow her, here is her instagram: @annettaprimadonna

This is the picture that she posted on reddit to get drawn.


You can see also some of my process here, first I do a loose sketch on bluepencil (everything in digital with Clip Studio Paint).

Then I continue doing digital inks:

And finally I added color!

If you want me to draw you for free you can go to reddit @ /r/redditsgetdrawn and hope that I see your pic and I want to draw it.


But, if you really want me to draw you for sure and you don’t want to go to the lottery that is redditsgetdrawn just send me an e-mail ( or fill my contact form at


Remember there’s a $50 dollar rebate for anyone who sings for my newsletter who can be applied to any future work you want me to do for you.


I appreciate your time to read my post!



Daniel P.

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