Curly Girl gets Drawn!

This is one of the illustrations I was doing lately. Sometimes for practice I just draw any picture I found on the internet. So this time I went to Reddit to the thread called /r/redditsgetdrawn to look for people interesting to draw, so I was lucky to find the awesome Annette Kemp. She is a model, an actress and she […]

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Some warm up sketches

Hello everyone! I’ve been a bit missing lately, so I have a lot of good news for everyone! But I will tell you in next posts, some of them I can’t still tell about them because it is a Work In Progress. This is a warm up sketch for a comic that I am still working, it is done for […]

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Stunned by Moebius Art

Patreon page is live!

Hello guys, this is my first post on Patreon. Well, first of all I think it would be a good idea to tell you something about me. My name is Daniel Puch and I am a graphic designer who always liked to make comics and failed miserably hehehe… Not really failed, but really I saw myself at this point at […]

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Commissions! I am open for commissions!

I am taking commissions for small portraits illustrations. You can send me an e-mail to if you are interested or you can pm me on my social websites, you can see them on top of the page at the homepage. Basically this is the information about what kind of illustration I am doing, but if you need to know […]

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