Hello, and thanks for visiting my website. My name is Daniel Puch and I am a graphic designer with more than 25 years on the medium. When I was graduated from the School of Graphic Arts, in Montevideo (Uruguay) computers where still not so common, design work was done on paper, cutting and pasting texts and writing indications about color percentages to the prepress specialists over a semi-transparent paper. Aaaah! The good old days.

Now, everything has changed, with the introduction of the computer everything seems to be easier. But to be truthful, to get a great design and to make it in a way that it will run smoothly on press it’s not so easy. In my experience, having worked with the old traditional systems really give designers an advantage. That advantage is that we can see the computer as one more tool to accomplish our goals and creativity is not limited only by doing a nice “flashy text effect” in Photoshop. Creativity is based on taste, good ideas and proven methods of attracting customers to highlight your design in a very overcrowded market.

I hope I can help you to accomplish the best design you can get and I and my team will always be here to help you with anything you need to achieve your goals. Whether is graphic design for traditional offset printing, web design, social media, comic making, illustrations for commercial purposes or for children books.

If I can be of help in any of these fields of expertise, I will be here for you!